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6/22 2nd [Introduction to PARE] by Dr. John Bower and Dr. Takagi

Dear All PARE Members!

Thank you for coming to PARE Blog:) This is Mao from PARE central office!
There was the 2nd lecture of [Introduction to PARE] on June 22(sat) at OIA!
The students were listening the lecture by Dr. John Bower and Dr. Takagi,(Faculty of Fishery) who
visited Sapporo Campus for this lecture.
The topic was about [Sustainable fisheries and Aquaculture: Resources and the Environment].
The afternoon class was debate which students were devided by three groups which are;
*Aquaculture company
*Fishermen's coop
 and argued about each opinions based on what they thought as a group.
They were so emotional even though it was saturday morning, and
it was so exciting  for me and I wanted to join them:)

The next lecture is going to be
[Pesticides and Food Additives: their Critical Roles and Contributions in Human Life]
by Dr.Hashidoko and
[Animal Production: Benefits and Challenges Facing Huan Society]
by Dr. Kobayashi
 on June29

We are all looking forward to seeing you soon:)

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[Introduction to PARE] started at Hokkaido University!!

Dear All PARE Program Members!
How are you? and we all PARE Central Office members hope you are having great :)

On June 15th, [Introduction to PARE] started at OIA, Hokkaido University.
There were 27 students who attended the lectures include two students at IPB(Institut Teknologi Bandung) using Internet system.

The lectures are hold by Dr. Hatano(9:30-12:00) from faculty of Africulture
 and Dr. Fujita (13:00-15:30) from faculty of Engineering.
in English, and the program had great start on Saturday morning.

Students listenen to the lectures with slides, and they had discussions and assighment for next class.

The 2nd lecture will be on June22, and the Professors are Dr. John Bower amd Dr. Takagi from Faculty of Fishery.

Thank you so much who attended the first day of the lectures, and we are really looking forward to seeing you next lecture:)!!!

From Mao Watabe
PARE Central Office
Office of International Affairs
Hokkaido University

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